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In Uganda alone, youth unemployment stands at between 64% and 70%, and about 400,000 youths are released annually into the job market to compete for approximately 9,000 available jobs. The government response has been to issue soft loans and youth grants to agricultural programmes such as NAADS (National Agricultural Advisory Service), the Youth Livelihood Fund, and youth SACCOs (Saving and Credit Cooperatives).

A number of NGOs including BRAC, Village Enterprise, iworkforlife run a number of programs but none has singled out technology as a tool that could be used to alleviate poverty. With the growing number of internet users and smart phone penetration, technology could provide employment, decent work, lifelong learning opportunities to both males and females and enable people to alleviate poverty.

Our goal is to help prospective and micro small-scale African business owners to realise their dreams of business development and growth through practical, expert-led and technology driven education. We do this through 4 main programs:

  1. An online e-learning platform: where African experts share their expertise and experiences in business, career and technology to empower the rest. We will leverage the power of technology to reach millions of people all over Africa.

  2. Action camps: are live events organized to equip prospective and small business owners with skills to grow their businesses. The focus is how to use technology to grow businesses.

  3. Apprentice programs: We hope to build a network of volunteers and experts whom we shall equip to run 2-months apprentice programs to train people at different locations.

  4. Asset-based loans for women micro business owners: Many women live in extreme poverty and yet are the pillars of their families. We will offer them asset loans and flexible repayment systems that allow them to pay back their loans in small manageable installments throughout the loan term.

We are a registered NGO that is about helping people to do more with technology!!

Our Mission: Giving, mentoring and changing lives

Our Vision: To help one million African entreprenuers to start and succeed online